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Reading and Listening

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Engler, Balz. Reading and Listening: The Modes of Communicating Poetry and their Influence on the Texts. The Cooper Monographs, 30. Berne: Francke, 1982. Out of print.  3-7720-1546-8

Note: * in the text refers to long notes in the Notes section. Sources are also indicated there. For technical reasons this will be added later. If you need information now please write to the author.

Preface, 9 Text
1 Introduction, 13 Text
2 Text and Experience, 17 Text
3 The Text as Evidence, 24 Text
4 Sounds and Shapes, 29 Text
5 Aural Poetry, 38 Text
6 Visual Poetry, 45 Text
7 Sound and Silence: Historical Perspectives, 53 Text

   Notes to chapters 1-7
8 An Experiment in Reading: Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess", 67 Text

9 Exploding Meanings: On the Poetry of G. M. Hopkins Text

10 Luminous Details: On the Poetry of Ezra Pound, 90 Text

11 Reading and Listening: Conclusion, 106 Text
(also offering a summary of the study)
, 133
Index, 143

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